Monday, February 28, 2011

Rapunzel's Lantern Paintings - Tangled

So I've been really into Tangled the past couple of months
 and have been obsessed with their pre-production & visual development artists since even before the movie came out here. I think also the main reason why I'm actually on blogspot is because once upon a time I found Victoria Ying's blog, and then later all the other Disney artists. So yeah, I'm a huge fan. Haha.

This is Rapunzel's wall paintings from the movie that we did on my sister's room. (hi Claire Keane if for some reason you happen to see this i love you guys forever. hahaha.) It took us the whole day to finish but I'm happy with how it came out so it's worth all the work.

Here are some Tangled drawings I did a couple of weeks ago that I didn't get to upload, stuff from The Art of Tangled. =)

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