Thursday, May 23, 2013

Early Early College Stuff

I found some old college pictures hidden somewhere in my computer.

These were from our freehand drawing class, the first ever subject that involved drawing (after you're done with all the boring minor subjects) These drawings were done something like a year or two years before this blog even existed, and I've almost forgotten these drawings existed, so I'm happy I found these photos again.

For some reason, freshman year already feels like a lifetime ago. 

Sometimes I really miss art school.

For this class we had to do big pieces like this every week.

They were about this big.

And some were bigger.

Which was fun though, I absolutely enjoyed doing them.

This was the last weird-ish one for finals.

Aaaand my paperbag lunchbox that looks entirely different from the set. Haha.

(Check out the graffiti throwup sticker on my notebook too)

Hope to be posting new stuff soon! 

I'm currently busy illustrating a children's book and
I hope I get to finish it really, really soon. 

ttfn (: