Monday, April 18, 2011

Les Dames. Life Drawings.

A little break from all the thesis works. I took a day off from animating and painting backgrounds everyday for the whole day, which was getting stressful. A friend saw life drawing sessions through facebook called D.r Sketchy's and we gave it a shot. It was pretty fun drawing a real model for a change.

I'm gonna be uploading a lot cause it might take a while for me to upload anything again until the term's over.

Part 1: warm ups. 
These are one or two minute poses, i think. it took me a while to get the flow of lines that i wanted right.
during the breaks, i went back to the poses and re-drew the ones that looked weak and made them stronger. by weak i mean the gestures weren't strong enough to deliver clearly the essence or attitude of the pose. when drawing for animation, the gesture is the most important thing you have to deliver; the last thing you want to think about are the details, so i tried not to.

weak gesture vs stronger gesture

a quick fix.

I added stockings to try to sell the pose better.

Part 2:
this is when i got a hold of a marker and threw away my pencil,
 i realized how much i prefer drawings with markers instead of pencils. i was quickly able to catch the gestures of the poses on the first go.

i've been trying to get rid of my nasty habit of hatching whenever i'm not thinking, somehow bad habits are just hard to break, i guess.

Part 3:
For some of these poses i had more time to draw, i think around 10-20 minutes each. 

i had this drawing autographed by the model

probably a 10 second gesture of a different model

another weak pose vs stronger pose.

this is probably the strongest pose i did for that night, and it really resembles the "aura" of the model.

i got to finish the drawing quick with a lot of time left, so i decided to do another one. i think the previous gesture's a little stronger though.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Colors

Pretty much a productive day today. I'm happy cause I got a lot of stuff done, but kinda sad cause i didn't get to talk to anybody the whole day.

I haven't been uploading drawings and notebook sketches; that's a good thing. That means I'm working on my thesis short film and not just bumming around and doodling. =)