Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Notebook Sketches

I was watching Way of The Dragon earlier today and this one dude, who's only an extra, caught my attention cause he looked like a real life 70's guy caricature. Haha. I haven't seen a legit 70's film in a long time so it was pretty interesting, not to mention Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in one action movie. Now that's epic right there.

(from left to right: the evil rich white man behind everything, the irritating kiss ass, and some other extra dude)

I've got much to learn about shapes.

This other drawing is from an old woman who sat beside me yesterday on the jeepney while going home. She looked really interesting and she seemed like a nice person. I did a little memory sketch of her when i got back home. I really like this one.

 Notice the nice little ribbon on her headband.


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