Monday, July 9, 2012

Live Art Show

Today turned out to be a really happy day.
We did a live mural/doodling/painting show at rockwell. 
I'm not exactly the type who likes to be watched
while working on a piece, but this one was okay.

I think one thing that artists can sometimes forget when they get too caught up in the technicalities of their craft, is the wonderful feeling of when somebody appreciates your work.

After getting used to so much "professionalism" in the creative field, I kind of learned how to not care about what people think of my work anymore, so long as I get the client/director/whoever is in charge's approval, or if i know that what I did is good for my portfolio. Also, I tend to get too critical about.. well, a lot of things.

I forgot how good it feels to hear genuinely nice words from random people passing by upon seeing your work.

Earlier today while I was painting, a mom who was with her five year old daughter walked up to me and said "my daughter really likes your work!" and smiled at us. 

"Hi! What's your name?" I asked her
"Do you like to draw?"
"Yeah but I only like to draw with crayons.."

I talked to her and her mom for a bit and then after a while they had to go.

Before they left, KC shook my hand and said thank you.

That was one of the simplest but greatest rewards I've received in a while.

Day 2 coming up tomorrow! :)

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