Monday, July 25, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's

Last thursday me and two of my friends went to Dr. Sketchy's for some life drawing. Had lots of fun! There weren't too many people who attended, but we kinda enjoyed it more cause we were free to move around the model to look for different angles on their poses. And it kinda felt like they had event just for us. Haha.

Warm Ups:
During the first few poses, it showed that the model was still very uncomfortable, so we had to edit her poses a little to sell them a bit more clearly.

this one had too many corrections so i redrew it on the left side.

But then after a while she got to give a lot of really good poses. And we also got to warm up with the 2 earlier minute poses, so the 5's and 10's felt a lot longer.

These are the 5's i think. It's the same pose, I just went around the model to see the angle from the back.

This is the very last pose for the night, a 15 or 20 minute pose i think? Something like that. Haha. The wax from the coloured pencil kept repelling the ink from the ballpoint, so it was a little irritating. But then i kinda like how the pink on top of the ballpoint ink looks purple-ish.

And this one on the bottom with the orange pencil was done by my awesome awesome friend, Carin, who i know is gonna be really big in the future, so i asked for her autograph so that i have something for her to remember me by when she's famous.

The end of the Dr. Sketchy's post!

The stuff here below are just some figure drawings from a few days before that.



  1. ang galing galing mo na!! :D keep it uP!! ^_^

  2. thanks karleeeeene! ikaw din! drawing lang ng drawing!

  3. I love your shapes for the figures you use, beautiful work!

  4. thanks britni! i checked out your site too, your cut-outs are amazing! do you know where i can learn how to do that? haha