Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Rough Drawings & Girl's Makeup

A thought and a drawing before going to sleep

So i kinda figured that my taste in art probably has to do with my taste in.. well people in general, not just women. I think more more simple a person is, the better. I like them real and unedited. No egos or titles. Or expensive clothes in high heels. And definitely without makeup. I don't think i'm ever gonna get the concept of girls always having to wear make up all the time.

I like to go for the quick readable gesture, or the overall aura, instead of fancy renders and over corrections that (to me) just ruin a drawing, just like how makeup almost always ruins a girl's prettynesness.. I believe there's always a certain kind of beauty and sophistication about the simple but non-pretentious, effortless looking stuff.

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